Who’s Protecting MISS GEICO?

Feb 08, 2013

Riviera Beach, FL – After a disastrous fire that destroyed one of the world’s premier racing boats, Miss GEICO is back—and better than ever!

High-speed boat racing is a thrilling but dangerous sport, best left to professionals who can magically balance power and safety to create a true champion.

“The hull and power train in the new fourth generation Miss GEICO is unprecedented,” said the boat’s driver, racing legend Marc Granet. “The composite materials she’s built with are hi-tech, the twin 1500+ horsepower supercharged engines are hi-tech, and the racing throttle and steering system is hi-tech. And to go along with all our other advances in Miss GEICO, we’ve added a hi-tech aerosol fire protection system, too.”

In July of 2012 the Miss GEICO team suffered a devastating set-back when the World Champion Miss GEICO suffered an internal fire. The flames that engulfed her overpowered the traditional halon fire protection system installed in the engine space.

“We’ve made a lot of advancements to make the new Miss GEICO the most formidable racing boat in the world. And as extra insurance, this time we included an advanced Stat-X® aerosol fire detection and suppression system,” said Mr. Granet.

Aerosol fire suppression systems are the latest improvement in suppressing fire in confined spaces like boat hulls, wind turbines, military vehicles, electrical cabinets, and more. Unlike traditional chemical or gaseous systems, the aerosol fire suppression agent is stable, unpressurized, and chemically generated only at the time of a fire — similar to how a car’s air-bag mechanism generates pressure to inflate a life-saving airbag upon impact.

Although aerosol fire suppression agent is widely used in Europe and Asia, its use is only now becoming more wide-spread in the USA. One important reason is because it is now listed as an EPA Significant New Alternative Product (SNAP), meaning it is not harmful to the environment like halogenated fire suppression agents.

As Marc Garnet put it, “So it’s not only good protection, it’s green. Just like Miss GEICO!”

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