US EPA new SNAP notice approves Stat-X agent (Powdered Aerosol D) for use in Occupied Areas

Oct 22, 2014

In the Code of Federal Regulations Volume 79, Number 203 formally published on October 21 2014, the United States Environmental Protection Agency officially recognized Stat-X agent for use as a total flooding agent for the protection of occupied and unoccupied areas.

The US EPA has approved Stat-X as the very first condensed aerosol fire suppression system agent (listed as Powdered Aerosol D) as suitable for use as a total flooding system for occupied and unoccupied areas.  This is an update to the US EPA SNAP list where Stat-X was formerly listed for use only in normally unoccupied and unoccupied areas.

Furthermore, the US EPA has also published an updated risk screen document for the Stat-X agent. This document describes the minimal risks involved with human exposure to Stat-X aerosols, and summarizes the environmental advantages of this agent over comparable halocarbon clean agents, particularly in terms of negligible global warming potential.

Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Prevention Sector, <span “arial”,”sans-serif”;’=””>Risk Screen on Substitutes for Total Flooding Systems in Normally Occupied Spaces, Substitute: Powdered Aerosol D (Stat-X®) – October 9, 2014

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