Pulp Mills Select Stat-X Fire Suppression

Apr 12, 2019

Celulosa Arauco, is a wood pulp, engineered wood, and forestry company operating five pulp mills in Chile. They have selected Stat-X as their standard for fire protection in their electrical rooms. The first phase includes retrofitting 98 rooms.
Ingeteco is currently working with management on the customization and implementation plan. The goal is to keep the accident rate at zero. In an effort to attain this goal, Ingeteco, our distributor partner, recently completed their first day of Stat-X training to a group of over 100 employees on the product design and technical characteristics of Stat-X generators.
The estimated deadline for the project is July 2019, when INGETECO will install and commission the Stat-X systems at each of the plants. The installations are distributed in 5 geographical zones between the VII Region of Maule and the XIV Region of the rivers in Chile.

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