The Stat-X First Responder is an emergency fire suppressor tool to add to your arsenal of tools you will want on hand to determine the best attack on the fire. Stat-X First Responder excels at containing and suppressing small fires in an enclosed space before it becomes unmanageable and requires a fire department with water. The use of water increases the damages, downtime, and the cost of recovery.

Many times, a police officer is the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency.

If the officer’s vehicle is equipped with a pair of Stat-X First Responder® in a carry case in the truck. Our portable tool can be tossed into an active fire. This quick response will bring sizable benefits to rescue individuals from structures or vehicles.

  • Police arrive on the site of a structure (house) fire, in advance of the fire department. Occupants can be seen or heard in the fire area. Deploy the Stat-X First Responder to possibly attempt rescue or at least suppress and hold the fire in check until the fire department arrives.
  • Police arrive at a vehicle fire because of an accident. There are occupants trapped in the burning vehicle and the fire department has not yet arrived. Break a window, toss the Stat-X First Responder into the vehicle to knock down the fire and remove the occupants.

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